Flat presses

The Transfer Press offers a wide range of flat bed presses to suit the needs of garment and gift product decorators.

Our Basic range of presses offers reliable no frills machines which are engineered to high standards and which have an option to suit all needs – from an A4 machine, through to the standard sizes 38 cm square and 40 x 50 cm for those printing A3 transfers onto larger products and also a specialist press for lanyards.

Our Studio range is built for the heavier “industrial” user and offers a twin table 38 x 50 cm pneumatic press. It also features the Versa model which can be converted (with additional elements) to press mugs, caps and plates.

For more advice on the machine that would best suit you give us a call on 01404 892995 or contact us via our Contact Form.

Code Style  Platen Size Manual/

01ABF38001 Clam press 38 x 38 cm Manual 325.00
01ABF50001 Clam press 40 x 50 cm Manual 399.00
01ABF29001 Clam press A4 Manual 199.00
01ABS38002 Clam press - slide out 38 x 38 cm Manual 399.00
01ABS50002 Clam press - slide out 40 x 50 cm Manual 450.00
01ABA38003 Clam press 38 x 38 cm Auto 575.00
01ABA50003 Clam press 40 x 50 cm Auto 650.00
01ABL01003 Clam press for lanyards - not currently available 100 x 25 cm Manual 799.00

01ASC38001 Clam press 38 x 38 cm Manual 639.00
01ASA38009 Clam press 38 x 38 cm Auto 729.00
01ASA50009 Clam press 40 x 50 cm Auto 869.00
01ASV01999 Versa swing away press 38 x 30 cm Manual 515.00
01AST23801 Twin table pneumatic clam press 2 x 38 x 50 cm Auto 1,739.00