Mug presses

The Transfer Press offer a range of mug presses to suit the needs of sublimation printers.

For the widest options our mug press kit with 6 elements enables you to print everything from a shot glass to a pint mug!

For high volume users our “5 head” press enables multiple production and because each head is separately powered you can use as many heads as the day’s schedule requires.

For beginners 'testing the water' our Basic presses offer a cost effective starter solution.

For more advice on the machine that would best suit you give us a call on 01404 892995 or contact us via our Contact Form

Code Press Element size -
suitable for
01ABM01001 Adkins Basic manual mug press 10 + 11 oz mugs Manual 125.00
01ABM05001 Adkins Basic 5 station mug press 10 + 11 oz mugs Manual 650.00
01ASM80001 Adkins Studio mug press 10 + 11 oz mugs Manual 439.00
01ASD80002 Adkins Studio double mug press 10 + 11 oz mugs Manual 639.00
04MMK00001 Multi function mug press 1.5 oz shot glass, 2.5 oz mini mug
6-10 oz mug, 11-15 oz mug
12 oz latte mug, 17 oz latte mug
Manual 299.00