Sawgrass Virtuoso SG500 and SG1000 SubliJet printers

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Code Printer Supplied cartridges   1+
12VPP50101   SG500 A4 Starter carts 20ml 359.00
12VPP50203 SG500 A4 Standard carts 31ml 399.00
12VPP10102 SG1000 A3   Starter carts 20ml 999.00
12VPP10204 SG1000 A3 Standard carts 31ml 1,049.00
12VPP10305 SG1000 A3 High capacity 70ml   1,129.00

Download the 2021 Sawgrass PDF catalogue for full details of all the advantages of owning a Sawgrass printer including a two-year guarantee and free access to Creative Studio.
The Sawgrass Virtuoso SG500 (A4) and SG1000 (A3) dye sublimation printers and Sawgrass UHD inks - taking quality printing to an even higher level. 
These next-generation printers (which replace the previous SG400/800 models) offer excellent colour and image output and even sharper image quality and both come with industry leading support from Sawgrass.
Both printers are supplied with the Sawgrass Print Manager and access to Creative Studio, the online design tool from Sawgrass.
SG500/SG1000 printers include the following standard components in the printer box:
- Printer
- UK Power cable  
- USB to printer cable (Wi-Fi option also available)
- Install kit with set up instructions and cartridges
How is the SG500/SG1000 different from the SG400/SG800?

The SG500 and SG1000 come equipped with:
- WiFi capability
- Backlit LCD screen
- Two-year warranty 
- Single roll bar to eliminate paper jams
- Aluminium Encoder Strip to reduce dust accumulation
- Ultra-fine printing capabilities with 4880 x 1200 dpi
- Brand new processor to allow faster image processing
- New SubliJet UHD (Ultra High Density) sublimation inks
Yes, both printers allow for printing via Wi-Fi.

Bypass trays will be available to expand the printing range of the SG500/SG1000 printers. The option and bypass trays from the previous model SG400/SG800 printers are compatible with the SG500/SG1000 so if you already own one you can transfer to your new printer.
Waste ink tanks are also available and are compatible with those from the SG400/SG800 printers.
The SG500/SG1000 printers come with a standard 24-month warranty globally
The printers carry the following national/internationally accredited certifications -
- FCC Certified for WIFI
- Participate in WEEE program: Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment – European Directive
- RoHS Certified – Printers and Cartridges
- REACH Compliant inks 
All SG500/SG1000 printers come with SubliJet UHD (Ultra High Density) inks specifically formulated for optimum results. The ink comes with a 2-year shelf life.
How do SubliJet UHD and SubliJet HD compare?
- New formulation optimised for SG500 and SG1000
- Same UV resistance as SubliJet HD
- Produces deeper/neutral blacks
- Formulation is environmentally greener than SubliJet HD
- Packaging and plastics in cartridges are recyclable
- Eco Passport by OEKO-TEX
Starter Cartridges 4 x 20ml SubliJet UHD cartridges (approx 100 pages and available to purchase with a printer only)
Standard Cartridges 4 x 31ml SubliJet UHD cartridges
Extended Cartridges 4 x 70ml SubliJet UHD cartridges (SG1000 printer only)
The Sawgrass Print Manager is supplied as part of your Virtuoso printer package and is designed to ensure that you get the very best results from your printer.
How does it work?
Sawgrass Print Manager bypasses the printer’s native driver directly, allowing it to control the transmission of the print file from the computer to the printer more effectively.
Do I need a specific graphics/design package.
No you do not. The Print Manager allows for the direct import of both .jpg and .png images which can be produced in packages such as CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or even MS Paint! Just produce your image, save as a .jpg or .png, import to the Print Manager and print!
Does the Print Manager work with Creative Studio?
Yes it works seamlessly with the Creative Studio design software (for both Windows and Mac OS).
What else does the Print Manager do?
It allows you to streamline production with an advanced array of features, including job and image nesting, hot folders with customisable presets, multilingual user interface, file- and web-to-print workflows and more.
What happens if I don't print through the Print Manager?
We do not recommend this approach as you will not produce satisfactory print for sublimation. Using ICC profiles through Photoshop, Corel and other programs will not allow you to produce acceptable output. 
CreativeStudio is a cloud-based design software built for sublimation. The basic version of CreativeStudio is included with the purchase of your Sawgrass printer and you'll need to have Sawgrass Print Manager installed.
It is easy to start creating personalised products in three easy steps.

CreativeStudio is easy to use and spares you from having to search for product templates or royalty-free artwork. Follow Sawgrass on YouTube and Facebook for regular tutorials and design inspiration specific to sublimation.
Creative Studio from Sawgrass

Step 1: Create
Select a product from a huge selection of templates, including mugs, coasters, T-shirts and more! Choose one of the thousands of print-ready designs and carefully curated images. To personalise and customise your designs you can change the colors, fonts and backgrounds, or subtract and add elements - including photos of your own!

Step 2: Print
By selecting Print within the CreativeStudio menu bar, you'll be prompted to name your file. Clicking "OK" will open the Sawgrass Print Manager, from which you can select your substrate, brand of paper and send the file to your Sawgrass printer.

Step 3: Press
Once you have your transfer you can heat press this item and you are done!